2nd Quarter Market Insights

Recession, bear market, pullback, inflation, volatility… These are all headline-grabbing words being used to describe economic conditions today in the media. As always, we need to take the media with a grain of salt. In the news business, fear and worry sell news in both the print and digital world. Once we get below these [...]
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Cinco de Mayo 2022 – No Fiesta for Markets!

So far, stocks have been struggling in 2022; they fell especially hard in April and the trend appears to be continuing into May. While it’s human nature to be initially unsettled by market turbulence, this recent market volatility is not a reason to panic or sell all your positions. If you are a day trader, [...]
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Hurricane Ida Helps Investors Say “I Do” to Oil Stocks

By Ted Schumann II

With Hurricane Ida sweeping through the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, 95.65% of the Gulf Coast’s crude-oil production, or 1.741 million barrels a day, was shut down, as well as 93.75% of the region’s natural-gas production according to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. One would think this would cause [...]
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Energizing Your Employees

By Donna Rosebush, Practice Management Consultant

While the power of positive reinforcement and the notion that “you get what you reward” may seem to be common sense, it is not necessarily common practice in all organizations that I have observed.  A lot of employers and employees think that they already do a great job of [...]
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10 Tips to Profitability, Reaching Your Goals and Finding Overall Happiness in Your Dental Practice

Dear Friends,

I was a child of the late 50’s and early 60’s raised in a Catholic family. For those of you who were not raised in such a family, you may not have had the experience of riding in a family car under the protection of St. Christopher. In those days, automobiles had metal [...]
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Qualified Retirement Plans in Dental Practices – Then & Now

by: Ted Schumann, II, MBA, MSF, AIF®, CFP®

When many 401(k) and Profit Sharing plans were first adopted by dental practices, the main focus was on sheltering tax. Owner-Doctors would set up these plans to allow for tax-deductible funding and tax-deferred investing for their employees and themselves. This worked very well historically, and still works [...]
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Dr. Dan’s Corner: The Relentless Pursuit of Value

by: Daniel Peters, DDS

Try not to smile when you think of the exact patient family in your practice that I am talking about. Mr. and Mrs. Tightwad come into your office for their “cleaning” appointments in mid- December. The hygienists check the charts and realize that they have not been seen in eight months [...]
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Reporting Unclaimed Property

by: Rachelle Fenwick, Asst. Accounting Manager

Most businesses have unclaimed property resulting from normal operations. Any asset, tangible or intangible, belonging to a third party that remains unclaimed for a specified period of time is considered unclaimed property. For example, uncashed payroll checks must be turned over to the State after one year. Most other [...]
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Security Considerations for your Dental Practice

by: Joyce Olson-Burpee, Computer Operations Manager

What do you think of a company not taking a security exploit serious? I think it is criminal. With all the ways the hackers and crooks can get into our computers anyway, it is terrible that a company as big as Microsoft does not patch a security issue even [...]
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Associate for Your Dental Practice: Do You Need One?

by: Sarah Pajot, Transition Specialist

Are you thinking about bringing an Associate into your practice? If so, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. Why now? What will an Associate do for you or your practice? Do you want an Associate because you are swamped, or you like the idea of more [...]
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