Working with dentists to develop sustainable solutions to advance their


I AM A...

I need help with:

  • Managing debt
  • Tax planning
  • Evaluating job offers

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Dental Student

I need help with:

  • Paying down debt
  • Buying a practice
  • Saving for retirement

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Associate Dentist

I need help with:

  • Making my practice profitable
  • Starting a retirement plan
  • Tax planning & HR solutions

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Seasoned Dentist

I need help with:

  • Setting retirement timelines
  • Selling my practice
  • Maximizing retirement income

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Retired or Retiring Dentist

Unique Challenges & Opportunities for Dentists Today

As a highly-educated professional, there are high-paying and rewarding career opportunities for dental professionals today; however, the cost of professional training leaves many with a burden of significant student loans. Additionally, those who have aspirations to own a practice may have little to no formal training or experience in business ownership. This leaves many dentists feeling unprepared for the financial and HR responsibilities of running a practice.

Recognizing a distinct need for dedicated professional services for the dental industry, The DBS Companies were formed in 1986 to provide the comprehensive solutions this community deserves. For three generations, we’ve been working with clients to develop their financial and emotional prosperity. Over the past three decades, our service model and team have continued to evolve to provide the multifaceted education and resources required to meet the changing needs of dentists throughout every stage of their careers with comprehensive and proactive service offerings, including:

  • Student loan and other debt reduction strategies
  • Retirement funding
  • Retirement income planning
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Practice and staff management
  • Maximizing practice profitability
  • Enhancing organization and productivity
  • Associate and partner buy-ins
  • Dental practice acquisition
  • Dental practice sales
  • Human resources solutions
  • Attracting new dental patients
  • Creating great first impressions
  • And more!

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We are proud to announce our second location in the Metro Detroit Area!  We have teamed up with John Reed in Clarkston to increase our capacity to service the needs of dental and other business clients!    


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