Security Considerations for your Dental Practice

Published March 27th, 2017 in Blog, Computer Tips & Techology | No Comments »

by: Joyce Olson-Burpee, Computer Operations Manager

What do you think of a company not taking a security exploit serious? I think it is criminal. With all the ways the hackers and crooks can get into our computers anyway, it is terrible that a company as big as Microsoft does not patch a security issue even after they had been told of it three months earlier.

The security hole has now been released into what is known as the wild so anyone can exploit the problem if they know how. That falls into many people’s realm of knowledge. There should be a huge fine for companies that are told about security flaws and do not fix them. They should be held accountable for any damage that it causes their users.

I know many people have no idea how to fix these things themselves. It is in your own best interest to have a friend or a company that knows what is going on in the world of technology help you review things out there that can harm your system.
It is important to have your information protected, especially if your computer systems harbor confidential information such as customer’s names, addresses, and social security numbers. These are the things people use to steal identities.

Please be sure your company is taking care of the important things on your computer and have a qualified person or company taking care of the necessary security. A qualified person will be able to block the security flaw that was announced and not patched by Microsoft (SMB2 TREE- CONNECT…). They will most likely patch this on their next update. In the meantime, computers can fall prey to this flaw.

If you have a connection to the internet and you have not hired a security person or company, it would be in your best interest to do so.

Happy computing!