Professional Coaching

Have a Rewarding Life as a Dentist

A rewarding life starts with the decisions you make today. Dr. Dan Peters, DDS, teaches you how to make the kinds of choices that have a positive impact on your professional and personal life with experienced advice you can implement instantly, including:

Clinical Success

How much would your daily work-life improve if you increased your clinical speed, your clinical confidence, and your clinical proficiency? We mentor you!

  • Increase your clinical speed, clinical confidence, and clinical proficiency
  • Learn better techniques for treatment planning, restorative dentistry material selection, and crown type selection
  • Reduce patient’s post-operative sensitivity, pain, and infection
  • Proper communication can be the difference between making money or losing money, happy patients or mad patients, and effective staff or unproductive staff
  • Increase your patient’s acceptance of recommended procedures
  • Learn how to easily ask for referrals
  • Efficiently move patients from clinical staff to doctor to front desk
  • Learn how to ask and receive payments at time of service and how to handle canceled appointments
  • Learn what to say when things do not go well

Business Success

A successful practice isn’t just about great dentistry; you must master your business skills to have a rewarding and long-term career in dentistry. We teach you!

  • Understand and learn from your DBS monthly statement and the impact it should have on your business decisions
  • Learn how to create daily, monthly, and yearly goals
  • Reduce your overhead expenses and understand the importance of doing so
  • Learn what business information to share with your staff
  • Learn how to make appropriate insurance participation decisions

Leadership Success

  • Learn how to lead the staff and practice with confidence
  • Teach the staff the “why” instead of just the “how”
  • Be decisive with the decision-making
  • Stay calm when things are crazy and hectic
  • Resolve conflict around the office and lead effective staff meetings
  • Empower the clinical staff in order to maximize their skills

Marketing Success

  • Learn the importance of marketing and what to spend in internal marketing
  • Evaluate external marketing – what works, what does not and how to measure your results
  • Use patient communication software systems successfully

Personal Success

Learning how to fit your practice into your family life, and not the other way around, is an important aspect of a rewarding lifestyle. We coach you!

  • Learn the conservative financial principles for future success
  • Fit your dental business into your family life (not the other way around)
  • Manage debt and student loans
  • Learn the importance of charitable activities
  • Develop retirement goals now, not once you need them
  • Learn about being an entrepreneur in business

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