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Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money

Our tradition of providing accounting and tax services began in 1958 working with small business owners. In the late 1970s we took on our first dental practice and within a decade we turned our focus on the practice of dentistry. Today, virtually all of our clients are dental practices. In fact, Dental Business Services, Inc. is the only certified public accounting firm in Michigan that was invited to join the Academy of Dental CPAs devoted to the training and continuing education of accountants who specialize in dental practices.

You can enjoy the benefits of our well-earned reputation for aggressive tax strategies as well as user-friendly accounting services, including:

  • Monthly accounting and financial statement preparation
  • Quarterly / semi-annual tax planning meetings
  • Tax return preparation & reduction strategies
  • Proactive tax mitigation strategies
  • IRS resolution
  • Tax-efficient retirement plan strategies

Know Your Numbers – Identifying Key Performance Indicators for your Practice

Recognizing that many dentists have had little accounting training, but still manage vibrant small businesses, we set out to bridge that gap by designing financial statements that any non-accountant could read and understand. As a DBS client, your financial statements are presented so that you get a clear snapshot of the condition of your practice.

Our experience in working with hundreds of dentists and dental practices over the years gives us the tools to pinpoint key practice indicators. By knowing those indicators, your financial statements become more meaningful for your business. We take the time to help you understand these numbers, how they affect your dental practice, and how to use them to be successful, answering questions such as:

  • What should hygiene be generating each month?
  • Am I getting enough new patients to grow, or only to sustain current business?
  • How does my cost per employee compare to the average?
  • How do I get more efficiency from my staff?
  • Are my lab and supply costs out of line for my practice?
  • What is my payback if invest in state-of-the-art equipment?
  • And more

You can be certain that our primary purpose in preparing and presenting your financial statements is to help you focus as much time as you can on patient care and building your business.

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